Park currently closed due to ice and drainage issues

In order to make this dog park as safe and enjoyable as possible, we are requiring each dog member meet certain standards of health and social skills. You, the "doggie owner" must be able to control your dog and be able to work with other Park occupants to ensure park play remains positive. 


With courteous members and healthy happy dogs, this will be a fun and exciting place for both you and your dog!

Dog Park Membership Rates

1 Dog Membership Options





Each dog can have up to 2 owners/handlers on file. Each owner/handler must fill out application, waivers & rules forms.


Additional Dog Membership

Prices are for each additional dog (Dog 2, Dog 3, Dog 4, etc.)





Add as many additional dogs as you choose but maximum of 2 dogs per owner/handler in the Park at one time.


All forms must be completed & requirements met for all membership lengths & for each owner/handler.

Dog Park Rules

Yes, there are a lot of rules but they will allow us all to have good, safe fun in the Backyard!


• No children 13 years old or younger allowed in park (14-17 years old with adult supervision only)

• No smoking, alcohol or drug use

• No human food or glass containers permitted

• The park is open only during Sutherland’s PetWorks business hours. You are not allowed in the park area while Sutherland’s PetWorks is closed.

• Only dogs 20lbs or less are allowed in the small dog area.

• Maximum of 2 dogs per handler

• Dogs and humans only in the park. No other animals permitted. 

• Dogs must be at least 4 months old

• Dogs must be dog and people friendly with no history of aggressive behavior

• Dogs over 8 months old must be spayed or neutered. Dogs in heat are prohibited.

• Dogs must have a collar with an ID tag on at all times (No choke, prong, spike or pinch collars permitted.) 

• Dogs must be licensed and current with all vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper Combo & Bordatella) and be able to provide proof of vaccinations or Titre upon request.

• Dogs must be free of all communicable diseases, parasites and fleas & ticks. (Any flea/tick protection must be dry by the time the dog enters the park.)

• No dogs that have recently been ill/acting lethargic or lame/been injured/had surgery allowed. An uncomfortable dog is an unpredictable dog.

• Dogs must be on leash at all times outside of the fenced park area. For safety, please unleash your dog when entering the fenced park area. Use the double gate area to leash and unleash your dog when entering and leaving the park.

• Dogs must be kept in your sight at all times and never left unattended.

• Dogs must always be under your voice control.

• You must have a leash for each dog in hand at all times

• Small, quickly consumed training treats only. No long lasting chews, bones, treats or dog food. (Do not give treats to any dogs other than your own)

• One toy per dog allowed in the play area. You must be able to gain control of the toy at any time. Toy use and care is your responsibility. If your dog is toy defensive, do not bring any toys and communicate this other park occupants.

• You must immediately clean up your dog’s waste. Garbage receptacles are available throughout the park for you convenience.

• No excessive barking, whining or howling

• No digging

• You must close all park gates and doors once you have passed through.

• No vicious, fierce, aggressive, dangerous, antagonistic or extremely timid dogs allowed. A dog with this behavior, toward human, dog or otherwise, must be leashed and removed from the park immediately.

• You must be aware of appropriate and inappropriate dog play. Communicate with other park occupants and Sutherland’s PetWorks staff if dogs need to be separated or calmed.(A time-out area is available)

• This is an unmonitored play area and it is your responsibility to keep things calm and fun for both dog and human. Communicate with other dog owners. Situations arise when you ignore signs that could escalate in to problems.

• Any and all incidents must be reported to the Sutherland’s PetWorks staff. In the case of a serious dog fight (whether it be your dog or otherwise) you must immediately inform a Sutherland’s PetWorks staff member and remove all other dogs from the park.

• No strollers, bikes, skateboards, inline skates, roller skates, motorized vehicles, or remote control toys allowed in the park

• Sutherland’s PetWorks reserves the right to close the park without notice or to deny access to the park for reasons such as, but not limited to being too crowded or a special event is being hosted.Sutherland’s PetWorks has a zero tolerance policy for those that do not follow rules. Any person or dog that does not follow the rules, ignores signage or disregards orders from Sutherland’s PetWorks (staff, or otherwise) will have their membership revoked without refund. Sutherland’s PetWorks reserves the right to expel you and your dog from the property or to revoke membership without a refund. Any serious incidents will be reported to local authorities. 

Poop bags are provided.....use them.

Store Hours

Monday - Friday
8:30am - 6:00pm
8:30am - 4:00pm


10:00am - 3:00pm 

Store Location

Sutherland's PetWorks
1161 Dix Ave

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